05 Oct 2018, Posted by Eric Karstens


Intercultural competence

I am used to working in international and intercultural teams and environments on location as well as remotely, with the ability constructively to adapt to different styles and mentalities. My direct working experience encompasses the whole of Europe (European Union and EFTA, Western Balkans, Russia, Ukraine), as well as countries in North America, Africa, and Asia.


My clients can expect a frictionless, predictable cooperation with a self-sufficient and self-organizing consultant, who, however, has the experience to appreciate, and blend into, the organisational requirements and structures of organisations of all sizes.


Excellent multi-purpose writing skills in English and German, resulting in clear, well-structured, and sophisticated grant proposals, tender applications, strategy papers, policy documents, scientific papers, and articles.

Digital literacy

Fully proficient at digital skills across devices and operating systems, with a critical understanding of the underlying infrastructures, strategies, business models, privacy issues, and practical requirements. Fundamental knowledge of ICT development processes, methods, and software architecture.


Native German speaker, excellent English (C2). Basic French (A1-B1).