04 Jun 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, Journalism, 0 Comments

Journalism under friendly fire?

Journalists were portrayed as heroes, defending truth and an open public sphere under conditions of severe political oppression, persecution, and many times even at risk of torture and death. Yet journalists were also criticised for doing sloppy research, for being sensationalistic and sticking to a simplistic black-and-white approach.

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14 May 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

Science communication gets savvy

I was kindly invited to speak at a forum titled Bring research to the media, at the Prague Research Connection 2009 Conference on 7 May, 2009. On this occasion, Eleftheria Prodromou interviewed me for the conference newspaper.

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27 Apr 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

Journalists become stakeholders in innovation systems

I was invited to participate in a panel exploring Innovation Journalism (InJo), a concept masterminded by Stanford-based researcher David Nordfors in collaboration with other journalistic and innovation organisations. I took the opportunity to point out a few reasons why the EJC is interested in InJo and actively promotes it.

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27 Feb 2008, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

User-Generated Content: News with street cred?

User-generated content (UGC) and online participation do not by themselves cure apathy. To the contrary: A lot of it actually provides further means of escapism.

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08 Oct 2007, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, Television, 0 Comments

News and commercial TV

News in private television is sort of a killjoy, such as mandating cigarette manufacturers to put warning messages on their boxes: Television distracts you from reality.

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