25 Nov 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, 0 Comments

How Internet structure affects content pluralism

We should start to re-assess Internet infrastructure and content repositories from the point of view of a public service that must not be entrusted to the business interests of a handful of companies alone.

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17 Nov 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Television, 0 Comments

End of days for commercial TV?

The Second Annual Conference of the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT), which took place on 4 November, 2009, was supposed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ACT. But it was more of a swan song for commercial television as we know it.

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11 Nov 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Public Broadcasting, 0 Comments

ZDFneo: New spur for German public TV

Nationwide German public broadcaster ZDF recently announced the relaunch of one of its digital channels. Of the many interesting and inspired programming decisions, a few stick out as sensational.

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