25 Aug 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in European Policy, 0 Comments

Will eurocrats redefine democracy?

Our current notion of democracy has developed within and for the modern nation state. Robert Menasse, however, advocates Europe as a post-national utopia, requiring a fundamentally new and different understanding and practice of democracy that still needs to be developed. “The nation states”, he suggests, “must fade away if we want a system of checks and balances at European level.”

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05 Aug 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in Media Policy, Television, 0 Comments

Eine kurze Geschichte des Privatfernsehens in Deutschland

Das Privatfernsehen in Deutschland entstand in den 1980er Jahren aus einer historisch gewachsenen Mischung wirtschaftlicher Interessen mit politischen Wunschvorstellungen. Als es endlich soweit war, rieb sich das Establishment angesichts des tatsächlichen Programmangebots verwundert die Augen.

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Legacy media, the Internet, and journalism: a roundup

Legacy media are affected by a tectonic shift: First, declining audience translates into lower advertising revenue; second, the abundance of advertising space on the Internet lowers ad prices dramatically; and third, subscription and sales revenues are going down as well. Aside from volunteering, alternative ways of news media financing are therefore being considered.

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