13 Jan 2021, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, Philanthropy, 0 Comments

Let journalists be journalists: A case for grants to individuals

Most journalists chose the profession for a reason: to satisfy their own spirit of discovery, to inform the public, to take sides with underdogs, to hold power to account. They did not become journalists because they wanted to develop business plans and manage a company. Therefore, journalism grants should provide more funding to individual journalists rather than media organisations.

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25 Oct 2018, Posted by Eric Karstens in European Policy, Journalism, Media Policy, Philanthropy, 0 Comments

Innovation and social purpose: Public and philanthropic support for European journalism

The three general-purpose news outlets with the greatest agenda-setting power over European politics – the Financial Times, The Economist, and the BBC – will very soon be based outside the European Union. What could the EU and European philanthropies do to nurture a supranational journalism landscape that might replace them?

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04 Sep 2018, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, Media Policy, Philanthropy, 0 Comments

Open, but not for free: Perspectives for non-profit newsrooms

A great part of the current debate about future business models for journalism implies that news organisations need a strategy to remain commercially successful – or to become profitable in the first place. But what if news went non-profit from the get-go?

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