26 Jun 2012, Posted by Eric Karstens in European Policy, Journalism, Media Policy, 0 Comments

How the EU can help journalism

Why is the European Union so ineffective when it comes to supporting press freedom and media pluralism? And what could it do within the limits of its current competences to foster journalism? It all boils down to one word: CONNECT.

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06 Apr 2011, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, Journalism, Media Policy, 0 Comments

Is blogging coming of age?

Like so many things in our current media environment, accrediting bloggers alongside with journalists is more difficult, requires more effort, and entails more risks than sticking to the old ways. It is worth the while, though, seeing that blogging seems to be coming of age.

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13 Sep 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

The difference between what is urgent and what is important

Journalism should respond to globalization by adopting a new point of view. Many times, journalism embraces clear-cut, polar angles simply because they attract attention more easily and lend themselves to schematically balanced reporting. Today, however, this kind of black-and-white attitude does not cut it anymore.

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