18 Jan 2013, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, Media Policy, Public Broadcasting, Television, 0 Comments

Medienregulierung 2.0 und die Zukunft des Fernsehens

Vorschau auf die 3. Auflage des “Praxishandbuchs Fernsehen”: In absehbarer Zukunft dürfte der der eigentliche Regulierungsgegenstand der Medienaufsicht, nämlich der Rundfunk mit linearen Programmen, gar nicht mehr existieren. Was dann?

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08 Dec 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, 0 Comments

WikiLeaks, the Cloud, and Internet pluralism: A roundup of emerging lessons learned

There is an oligopolistic infrastructure emerging on the Web that facilitates the manipulation and exploitation of the public as well as censorship and obstruction of inconvenient content at a mere whim of a handful of private companies, or by – more or less stealthy – government influence.

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13 Sep 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

The difference between what is urgent and what is important

Journalism should respond to globalization by adopting a new point of view. Many times, journalism embraces clear-cut, polar angles simply because they attract attention more easily and lend themselves to schematically balanced reporting. Today, however, this kind of black-and-white attitude does not cut it anymore.

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09 Dec 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Journalism, 0 Comments

Reputation management in times of social media

When the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD) organised their annual conference, I was kindly invited to join a panel. Its title: The Internet as a Reputation Trap.

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25 Nov 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, 0 Comments

How Internet structure affects content pluralism

We should start to re-assess Internet infrastructure and content repositories from the point of view of a public service that must not be entrusted to the business interests of a handful of companies alone.

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