26 Jun 2012, Posted by Eric Karstens in European Policy, Journalism, Media Policy, 0 Comments

How the EU can help journalism

Why is the European Union so ineffective when it comes to supporting press freedom and media pluralism? And what could it do within the limits of its current competences to foster journalism? It all boils down to one word: CONNECT.

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28 Mar 2010, Posted by Eric Karstens in Media Policy, 0 Comments

German politicians discuss regulations for TV in the Internet era

It rarely happens anymore that somebody suggests climate change could be a good thing. Yet at the annual conference of the German Association of State Media Authorities, it happened a lot, and for a reason.

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25 Nov 2009, Posted by Eric Karstens in Internet, 0 Comments

How Internet structure affects content pluralism

We should start to re-assess Internet infrastructure and content repositories from the point of view of a public service that must not be entrusted to the business interests of a handful of companies alone.

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